American Anthropology: A Conference

American Anthropology
A Conference at UC Irvine
Friday, January 27, 2012, 9:00am-5:50pm
Social & Behavioral Sciences Gateway (SBSG) 1517
Attendance is free, no RSVP needed

Speakers include current & former members
of the editorial board & journal staff:
Tom Boellstorff (UC Irvine)
Yoon Choi (Para los Niños)
Alessandro Duranti (UCLA)
Allison Fish (Ohio State)
Agustín Fuentes (Notre Dame)
Lilith Mahmud (UC Irvine)
Erin Moran (UC Irvine)
Barbara Rose Johnston (Ctr for Political Ecology)
Michael Silverstein (U. of Chicago)
Neha Vora (Texas A&M)

• Rethinking the “editor” subject position
• New configurations for the un-disciplining of
• The article genre in anthropological
knowledge production
• Critically engaging with the political economy
and epistemology of journal publishing