New Journal: Museum Worlds

Museum Worlds: Advances in Research

Editors: Sandra Dudley, University of Leicester and Kylie Message, Australian National University

Museum Worlds: Advances in Research is a new, multi-disciplinary, refereed, annual journal from Berghahn Journals that will publish work that significantly advances knowledge of global trends, case studies and theory relevant to museum practice and scholarship around the world.

Responding to the need for a rigorous, in-depth review of current work in the broad field of Museum Studies, Museum Worlds: Advances in Research will contribute to the ongoing formation of Museum Studies, as an academic and practical field of research which is rapidly expanding and alive with potential, opportunity and challenge that parallels the rapid growth of museums in just about every part of the world.

Museum Worlds: Advances in Research aims to trace and comment on major regional, theoretical, methodological and topical themes and debates, and encourage comparison of museum theories, practices, and developments in different global settings. Each issue includes a conversation piece on a current topic, as well as peer reviewed scholarly articles and review articles, book and exhibition reviews, and news on developments in museum studies and related curricula in different parts of the world. Drawing on the expertise and networks of a global Editorial Board of senior scholars and museum practitioners, the journal will both challenge and develop the core concepts that link different disciplinary perspectives on museums by bringing new voices into ongoing debates and discussions. Articles will be of exceptional quality and general interest from around the world.


Museum Worlds: Advances in Research invites a wide range of contributions that identify, explore and analyse trends in museum-related research and practice. Papers will contribute substantively to a core scholarly discipline or sub-discipline, while engaging with research about museums in other disciplines or through interdisciplinary methods. Papers will be reviewed through a global editorial board including senior scholars in each of the following fields:

* Museum Studies
* Geography
* Cultural Studies
* Art History
* Anthropology
* International Relations
* Archeology
* Sociology
* History
* Political Science

The editorial team also welcomes book reviews, special issue proposals, and ideas for presenting content in new ways.

How to Submit a Paper

Please send submissions or expressions of interest to the editors at: and

Submissions should be formatted in line with the journal style guide, which can be downloaded from the journal’s website:

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