Digital Heritage Projects with Indigenous Peoples

In the posts this week there will be some links to ongoing projects that have created digital heritage collections - a recent trend in museum anthropology that seeks to create positive, reciprocal, and productive relationships between museums and the communities whose objects they house.

These projects have provided communities with greater access to collections and, in some cases, they have also devloped mechanisms to respect and implement various levels of access to the materials based on cultural protocols. This week we will include just some of the leading examples we know of in the field with some further reading by project participants when available:

Reciprocal Research Network
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From the website:

The RRN is an online tool to facilitate reciprocal and collaborative research about cultural heritage from the Northwest Coast of British Columbia. The RRN enables communities, cultural institutions and researchers to work together. Members can build their own projects, collaborate on shared projects, upload files, hold discussions, research museum projects, and create social networks. For both communities and museums, the RRN is groundbreaking in facilitating communication and fostering lasting relationships between originating communities and institutions around the world...

...The RRN is being co-developed by the Musqueam Indian Band, the Stó:lō Nation/Tribal Council, the U’mista Cultural Society and the UBC Museum of Anthropology. This collaboration ensures the needs of the originating communities as well as museums are taken into account at all stages of the development. Each co-developer has a member on the Steering Group and each of the First Nations has several Community Liaisons.

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