Periodic Renewal of NAGPRA Regulations - Comments due Sept. 19

The exchange of information required under the NAGPRA regulations must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Management and Budget every three years. Accordingly, the National Park Service had until August 31, 2012, to publish in the Federal Register two notices of request for an extension of the currently approved collection of information under these regulations. This spring, NPS published a first notice, along with a request for comments on the time and expense involved with certain NAGPRA compliance activities. The comment period closed in May. After considering the comments received, NPS published a second notice and request for comments on August 20.

Written comments in response to this second notice are to be sent directly to OMB by September 19. Until OMB completes its review of the request, the information collection requirements remain in force. The three-year extension of an approved collection of information begins to run from the date of renewal.

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