Council for Museum Anthropology Events at the 2013 AAA Meetings in Chicago

CMA is sponsoring three invited sessions:

Session 8245. “Back to the Future? A Roundtable on Emergent Visions for Object-Based Teaching in and Beyond the Classroom.”  Co-sponsored by CMA and the Society for Visual Anthropology

Session 8383. “Collecting and Governing Cultures."  Co-sponsored by CMA and the Society for Visual Anthropology

Session 8499. “Museums and Art Markets: Spaces to Engage the Public.”  Co-sponsored by CMA and the Association for Africanist Anthropology.

CMA business meetings and reception at the AAA annual meeting:

CMA Board Meeting will convene from 8-10 am on Friday, November 22.

CMA Business Meeting will convene on Friday November 22 at Noon.

CMA members and guests are encouraged to attend the CMA Reception

Friday, November 22, from 7-9 PM at the Loyola University Museum of Art.

The reception will be upstairs, in the main gallery of the museum. 

The Loyola University Museum of Art is located in the heart of Chicago's "Magnificent Mile." 
Museum directions here.

Cab: Your landmark will be the historic Water Tower. The museum is on the west side of the street, just beyond the mini-park with the tower (at the intersection with Pearson).

Walking: A 1.91 mile walk (allow 45-50 minutes), across the Chicago river, past the historic Wrigley Building.

Subway: Take the El (subway) red line (north direction) - allow 30-40 minutes.
                Subway directions via the el here