NEWS FOR STUDENTS: $5 Membership & Board Position

Student membership in the Council for Museum Anthropology is now $5!
Being a part of the CMA includes a number of perks:

- you receive our journal, Museum Anthropology (more here and here)

- you are eligible for student travel awards (more here); the applications will be due at the time of submission of AAA abstracts next year

- you are more formally a part of our community through the CMA (more here), ie. great networking opportunities!

The CMA board has recently changed its organization to include one student member.  If you are interested in being on the CMA Board, or want to nominate someone, please contact a board member.There will be a nomination and election process that will go at the same time with the other changes in the board personnel.

The CMA Board for 2013-14:

Howard Morphy (President)
Patricia Capone (President Elect)
Alec Barker (Past President) 
Margaret M. Bruchac, Ph.D. (Secretary)
Karl Hoerig (Treasurer)
Kathleen Adams
Corinne A Kratz
Joshua Bell 
Cara Krmpotich
Morgan B. Perkins 
Helen A Robbins