Welcome Museum Anthropology blog intern, Lillia McEnaney!

We would like to introduce Lillia McEnaney, our new intern for the Museum Anthropology blog.  She will be introducing some new features along with assisting with the weekly posts.

Lillia is a freshman at Hamilton College in Clinton, New York where she plans to major in archaeology. Originally from Newtown, Connecticut, she became passionate about anthropology after visiting Acoma Pueblo in New Mexico on a family vacation at a young age. For the past three years, she has been an intern at the Institute for American Indian Studies Museum and Research Center in Washington, Connecticut. Throughout her time at IAIS, she has curated multiple exhibitions and worked closely with ongoing research and collections management projects at the Institute. She has also completed various photographic assignments and written magazine articles in conjunction with IAIS. Currently, her main research interest lies in the interpretation and analysis of pueblo pottery in various settings. In addition to her work at IAIS, at Hamilton, Lillia is an intern at the Communications and Development Office.

Previously, Lillia interned at the Yale University Art Gallery’s Conservation Department where she worked on the conservation of a Byzantine mosaic, and at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque where she assisted with collections management. She has also spent some time at the Arizona State Museum’s Preservation Lab at the University of Arizona and at her local Newtown Historical Society.

Lillia is excited to share her passion for museum anthropology with the readers of the blog and she is looking forward to implementing multiple new features, including conducting interviews with leaders in the field.  Lillia will be interviewing various figures in the field of museum anthropology about their personal experiences and favorite projects for the blog. Additionally, she is interested in presenting object storytelling and reporting on various controversial case studies. She also plans to post on the blog announcements for and reviews of new exhibitions throughout the world. 

Welcome, Lillia!