Smuggled Cultural Valuables Returned to Bulgaria

FOCUS News Agency
14 April 2014

Bulgaria’s State Agency for National Security (SANS), in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, returned cultural valuables, subjects of trafficking, to Bulgaria, FOCUS News Agency reporter said.
Different golden items were handed to the National Museum of History. The event was attended by museum’s director Bozhidar Dimitrov, Bulgarian Minister of Culture Petar Stoyanovich, and SANS Chairperson Vladimir Pisanchev. The returned cultural valuables are of national and world importance. They were rescued and returned to the state as a result of an operation targeting an illegal smuggling channel. “These golden findings are 1,500 years older than the Trojan War and 2,500 years older than all Thracian treasures we know,” said Professor Bozhidar Dimitrov. 

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