Museum of Anatolian Civilizations Reopens Its Doors

Daily Sabah, May 15, 2014

Following the completion of the renovation works that started in 2010, The Museum of Anatollion Civilizations opened its doors to visitors on monday. Speaking during the opening ceremony, Culture and Tourism Minister Ömer Çelik was proud to see examples of Anatolian civilization in different parts of the world. "Our rich cultural heritage dispersed around the world encourages us to work more to display unique pieces in our museums," he said. Çelik pointed out that Asian Turkic civilization is represented under this roof. "I can see traces of Bilge Khagan and Tonyukuk, the biggest emperors of the Göktürks, ancient manuscripts in the old African city of Timbuktu and the Ottoman-era bridge Stari Most in Bosnia and Herzegovina," he added.

Recent foreign policies bring Turkey to international platforms, having a voice in different parts of the world. "People on the Kızılırmak [Turkish for 'Red River'] salute Turkic citizens living around the Danube River in Central Asia," Çelik said.

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