Scholarship Announcement: Oxford-Agnese Nelms Haury Scholarship

This scholarship provides support (tuition fees and living costs) for native and first nations
students from the US and Canada to study for a one-year taught Masters degree at
Oxford University in association with Linacre College

Mrs. Haury was an American philanthropist from Tucson, Arizona and she was particularly supportive of the education and advancement of native peoples and concerned with issues of environment and social justice as well as international relations and the archaeology and anthropology of the Americas. The Agnese Nelms Haury program in Environment and Social Justice has been established by her trustees to advance her interests and commitments and includes supporting this scholarship at Oxford which is also supported by Oxford University and Linacre College.

To be eligible for this scholarship, students should apply and gain admission to one of the
designated Masters programs at Oxford University (see below) and hold official status in
the US or Canada as American Indian, Alaska Native, First Nation, Metis or Inuit. Students
should indicate their interest in the scholarship in their statement of purpose. General
guidelines for applying to Oxford can be found here.

The deadlines for applications for most of the designated degrees for entry in October
2015 are 23 January 2015 and 13 March 2015 (we strongly recommend applying by the
earlier date) and information on course content, entry expectations and application can
be found at the links below. For most courses you will be asked to submit a statement of
purpose, a CV, three references, a writing sample, and transcripts. There is an application
fee of 50 UK pounds and as part of the application you are asked for your college
preference. All Oxford students are affiliated with a college, which often provides
accommodation, dining, advisors, and the benefits of a smaller, interdisciplinary and often
very international community.

Linacre College is a graduate only college and is known for its strong sense of
community, international diversity, and environmental sustainability, Linacre College will
select the Agnese Nelms Haury Scholar from eligible applicants recommended by the
courses to which they have been admitted. The scholarship holder should be prepared
to provide evidence of native status.

The scholarship covers tuition fees for a course for one year (e.g. 18220 pounds for the
environmental MScs in 2015-16), the college fee (e.g. 2848 pounds for Linacre in 2015-16),
and a living allowance (13,662 UK pounds in 2015-16). Scholars are expected to provide
reports to the trustees of the Agnese Nelms Haury program and to help publicize the
program in subsequent years.

For more information potential applicants should contact the relevant directors of the
postgraduate programs of interest (see below) or may contact the program director Anna
Spitz ( for the overall Agnese Nelms Haury Program which is
housed at the University of Arizona) who can also put you in touch with people who can
informally advise you on your application (e.g. former Rhodes scholars, native students
who studied at Oxford, North American students and faculty who studied for or taught

some of the designated degrees).