Paris Auction House Set to Sell More Sacred Objects

The Navajo-Hopi Observer
May 26, 2015

On May 12, the Hopi Tribe received notice from Eric Wilson, Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) International Affairs Coordination, that the U.S. Embassy in Paris, France learned of another auction the EVE Auction House plans for June 1. 

Included in the auction catalog are objects of Native-American tribal origin. 

The Office of the Assistant Secretary, BIA, is once again assisting the U.S. Department of State in identifying U. S. tribal governments that seek assistance in communicating tribal governments' wishes regarding this scheduled auction. 

The Hopi Tribe has been vigorously asserted its tribal sovereignty and rights in the international arena and in Paris, France to protect objects sacred to the Hopi people; particularly the "Katsina Friends."

The Hopi Tribe is again requesting the support of Arizona Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake to direct the U.S. State Department, U. S. Department of Justice, F.B.I. and other federal agencies to assist the Hopi Tribe for a voluntary return of auction objects identified to be of Hopi origin to the Hopi Tribe. 

The Hopi Tribal Council has consistently directed its executive officers to pursue whatever means necessary to stop Katsina Friends from being illegally sold at auctions and forever lost in private collections. 

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