CMA Lifetime Achievement/Distinguished Service Award

Lifetime Achievement/Distinguished Service Award, Council for Museum Anthropology
Deadline August 31, 2016

The Council for Museum Anthropology’s Lifetime Achievement/Distinguished Service Award recognizes CMA members whose extraordinary careers (lasting 20 years or more) have advanced museum anthropology through collections work, collaborations, exhibitions, publications, public programming and outreach, teaching, and/or policy development. This award is meant to recognize those who have truly helped to define and/or reshape the field. Nominees are expected to have spent at least 20 years working in the field of museum anthropology.

Nomination packets (maximum 5 pages) must include: a nominating letter that demonstrates the nominee’s qualifications and contextualizes and summarizes their signature accomplishments; and relevant supporting materials (e.g., nominee’s c.v., other support letters). Nominations must be submitted as digital data (Word documents, pdf files and/or jpg files), sent via email to arrive on or before the deadline. 

Email all three members of the Awards Committee: 
Gwendolyn Saul (,
Joshua Bell (

Evaluation Criteria: 1) Impact: How has the nominee’s work transformed the discipline of museum anthropology (e.g., theory, methodology, influence); 2) Service: What service has the nominee provided to specific museums (e.g., collections, exhibits, public outreach); 3) Mentoring: How has the nominee influenced and inspired the careers of students and colleagues (e.g., mentorship, curriculum development, innovative teaching)?

Lifetime Award recipients will be formally recognized at the CMA Reception during the AAA Annual Meeting. They will be presented with a gift from CMA and a certificate of the award. Award winners will be notified so they have sufficient time to make travel arrangements.