Copenhagen’s Glyptotek Agrees to Return Looted Items to Italy

ArtNet News
Amah-Rose Abrams, July 7, 2016

Copenhagen’s Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek has agreed to restitute looted objects from its collection to Italy after a lengthy negotiation that will see a series of loans from the Italian Cultural Ministry to the leading Danish institution.

The items to be returned to Italy are a seventh century calesse, an ornate parade wagon, and other funerary objects that were purchased by the museum in 1970 from a Swiss dealer named Robert Hecht. The sale took place just ahead of the introduction of the UNESCO 1970 Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property, in the same year.

Hecht is known to have worked with known smuggler Giacomo Medici at this time, who, according to art-crime blog, was convicted of dealing in stolen artifacts in 2004.

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