Call for Project Manager, Royal BC Museum

About the Royal BC Museum
The Royal BC Museum brings British Columbia’s stories together. Our collections, research and presentations enable us to tell the stories of BC in ways that enlighten, stimulate and inspire. By exploring our human history and natural history, the Royal BC Museum advances new knowledge and understanding of BC, and provides a dynamic forum for discussion and a place for reflection.

The Royal BC Museum Corporation is one of Canada's greatest cultural treasures. The museum was founded in 1886; the archives in 1894. In 2003, these two organizations joined to become British Columbia's combined provincial museum and archives, collecting artifacts, documents and specimens of British Columbia's natural and human history, safeguarding them for the future, and sharing them with the world.

Through research and learning, the museum and archives strive to broaden understanding about the province and inspire curiosity and wonder, sharing the BC story with millions of visitors each year – onsite and online at

Scope of Work
The Royal BC Museum and Archives invites contractors to submit proposals to project manage the development of a digital exhibition that includes a catalogue of the museum’s totems and an interactive feature that connects with the museum’s collection management systems and allows for First Nations communities from across the province to provide input on the totems. The project commences June 2017 and launches May, 2018.

The Royal BC Museum houses one of Canada's leading collections of totem poles. Dozens of unique poles surround the museum in Thunderbird Park while dozens more are displayed within. As well, the museum collection includes hundreds of totems carved from argillite, a dense, black shale mined from a quarry on Haida Gwaii reserved for the exclusive use of Haida carvers. While this world-class collection is currently accessible to visitors to the Royal BC Museum, this project will make it accessible to everyone online.

At its core, this project aims to catalogue and share the stories around Canada's leading collection of First Nations' totem poles including the extensive argillite collection,

making it and the important stories and research associated with it accessible online to a much larger audience. The stories of the poles and First Nations are really the stories of the First Nations communities of the province and we aim to capture that with research, stories and technical information on this collection. What makes this project unique is a digital overlay that will provide opportunities for guest curation from First Nations individuals or communities. This project will be a mix of existing research with new content provided by BC's First Nations.

To help develop this portal, the Royal BC Museum is engaging a contract project manager. The contractor will manage all aspects of this project; liaise with Royal BC Museum and Archives staff, other contractors, an external development company, external partners including First Nations communities and with the funders at the Canadian Museum of History’s Virtual Museum of Canada project. As well, the contractor will facilitate meetings and workshops with relevant parties concerning this project, create and manage timelines, manage budget, monitor and report on project deliverables and manage scope.

  • A post-secondary education related to education, project management, web and/or communications fields, or an equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Knowledge and experience working with aboriginal people, language, culture, history and customs of BC First Nations
  • Experience managing technology-related projects
  • Experience managing multiple stakeholders
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • Experience working for or providing service to a museum, cultural institution, or
    similar entity is preferred
    Please provide an hourly rate, description of experience, three references (including contact information), an example of work with a First Nations community and 3 examples of project management experience.
    Submissions should be sent via email to David Alexander, Head of Archives, Access and Digital at Application deadline: June 4, 2017
    Questions should be submitted to Dave Stewart, Digital Manager at