Museum Anthropology Futures Participants: Send us your comments!

This past weekend, the Council for Museum Anthropology organized their first conference, Museum Anthropology Futures. Prior to the conference, the organizing committee put together a team of three emerging museum anthropology professionals, Haley Bryant, Emily Cain, and Lillia McEnaney, to produce an ethnography of the conference proceedings. 

Results will be, and have been, published in a variety of formats, including audio and video interviews and conversations with participants, posts on social media platforms, and longer-form digital publications during and after the event. 

Now that the conference is over, the ethnographers want to hear from you! What did you expect from the conference? Did it meet your expectations? What could have been improved? What do you think is the future of museum anthropology? Please send us answers to these questions or any other thoughts you have. Answers will remain anonymous. 

Send responses to Conference Ethnographer and the CMA Blog Intern, Lillia McEnaney. Email her here

See herehere, and here for previously published daily summaries of the conference proceedings, and keep an eye out on the CMA Blog and Anthropology News for additional publications.