Position Announcement: Registrar for Cultural Projects, Indian Arts Research Center, School for Advanced Research,

Announcing our new position for a full-time Registrar for Cultural Projects at the Indian Arts Research Center (IARC), a division of the School for Advanced Research (SAR). A minimum one-year position with the possibility of extension. The successful applicant will serve as project lead and manager for IARC’s innovative Collection Review program. Through the Collection Review program, IARC works in partnership with Native American source communities to review each object in the collection originating from those communities. The goals are to correct inaccuracies in the object records, to add new information that community representatives want to see included, and to provide updated records to source communities for their own use. A core objective of the program is to create and maintain thorough, accurate, and culturally appropriate records that will serve as an ongoing resource for IARC staff, community members, and researchers.

Registrar for Cultural Projects
Indian Arts Research Center
FUNCTION: Project lead and manager for IARC’s innovative Collection Review program. Under supervision and guidance of the IARC registrar, is responsible primarily for performing related data entry in a highly accurate manner; most aspects of project development and implementation, including developing and managing associated expenses; and coordinating logistics for collections reviews and collections seminars. Provides a welcoming environment for all participants and visitors to the IARC. Participates in collection-based seminars and performs all related data entry for those projects. This position is full-time, nonexempt, for the duration of the grant.

  • Works under the guidance of IARC registrar on all data management activity in relation to the collection review and collection seminar projects. Carries out collection review project goals and methodology with each community. Following the establishment of collection review agreements by IARC director with community cultural authorities, serves as main point of contact for collection review projects.
  • Performs pre-review and pre-seminar data entry in The Museum System (TMS) collections management database to ensure all existing information about each collection item (catalog info, provenance, conservation documentation, etc.) is available during activities. Works closely with registrar to ensure data is entered in accordance with IARC data standards.
  • Coordinates with IARC registrar and collections manager regarding selection of collection objects to be reviewed or discussed in seminars. Provides list of selected objects to director for final review and approval.
  • Works closely with IARC administrative assistant regarding arrangements for lodging, transportation, and food logistics of reviews and for payment of same. Communicates with community cultural authorities and their designees regarding logistics for review participants.
  • During collections review, responsibilities include welcoming participants upon arrival; making presentations to orient participants to the review process; ensuring that participants sign appropriate releases or waivers; ensuring that complete reports for each object are available during reviews; managing voice and video recording during reviews; taking thorough notes. Adheres to established mutually agreed upon (between communities and IARC staff) processes for navigating matters of cultural sensitivity for the purposes of discussion, documentation, and subsequent data entry.
  • Performs post-review and post-seminar data entry in TMS to ensure all information gathered is entered into the database records. Works closely with registrar to ensure data is entered in accordance with IARC data standards and to devise and implement new standards as needed.
  • Reviews voice and/or video recordings to note the time stamp where discussion about each reviewed item begins and ends. When appropriate, arranges for transcription of recordings via a transcription services company.
  • Following data entry portion of reviews, archives physical files and recordings resulting from reviews. Devises and implements procedures to safeguard any culturally sensitive information contained in the physical files or recordings. At the end of each collection review project, develops a final report to document the outcomes.
  • Coordinates contract photography for collection objects. Works closely with collections staff to ensure safe and efficient movement of objects between vaults and photography area.
  • Assists other IARC staff members as needed: helps set up for and clean up after IARC meetings and events and occasionally helps with tours.

SUPERVISOR: This position reports to the registrar.

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor’s degree in museum studies or anthropology and a minimum of two years experience in the museum field, or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Must have demonstrated knowledge of Southwest Native American art and culture and its safe-keeping. Excellent communication and writing skills. Ability to synthesize information from a variety of sources into concise, cohesive database entries for use by diverse audiences. Strong interpersonal skills and experience working effectively with diverse groups of people. Ability to accommodate varying work schedules. Knowledge of The Museum System (TMS) or similar collections management database.

DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS: Advanced degree in museum studies or anthropology and/or previous work experience in registration as a registrar or collections management.

SPECIAL PHYSICAL QUALIFICATIONS: Must be comfortable with climbing ladders and stairs. Able to lift up to 40 pounds. Close visual acuity. Possible exposure to residual chemicals used as pesticides on collection objects.

SALARY RANGE: $16.46 to $17.86, depending on benefit options.

TO APPLY: Please e-mail sandoval@sarsf.org. Please include in a single .pdf your cover letter, resume, and three (3) professional references. Applications must be received by Monday July 31.