Would You Like to Be a Columnist for SAPIENS?

From the SAPIENS website:

"If you have compelling ideas from the world of anthropology to share with the general public, we want to hear from you.

When the Wenner-Gren Foundation launched SAPIENS in January 2016, we set out to bring anthropology to the public—and to make a difference in how people see themselves and those around them. Today our mission is the same, but our aim is higher and our determination even greater. Helping people to develop a deeper understanding of humanity and the challenges that face our species has never been more critical. And we need your voice in the mix.

We are looking to establish a pool of new columns—written by exceptional writers—each with its own unique contribution, voice, and area of anthropological expertise. Are you interested in joining us?

Over the last year and a half, we have published more than 200 pieces that have collectively garnered over a million page views from every corner of the globe. We’ve forged partnerships with a handful of esteemed publications, including Discover, Scientific American, The Atlantic, Aeon, and Slate, which have republished some of our favorite SAPIENS pieces. And we’ve created a wide range of content—from immersive feature articles to stunning photo essays—covering subjects and telling stories from all areas of anthropology.

We’re tremendously proud of what we’ve accomplished to date. But we couldn’t have done any of it without the hard work and generosity of the hundreds of anthropologists who have contributed their knowledge, time, and talents. In this age of deepening complexity and daunting challenges, we are humbled by the task before us. We want to bring anthropology alive for our readers, to tell stories through words and multimedia that help us better grasp our shared humanity.

As we look ahead to our next phase, we are eager to establish relationships with a handful of anthropologists, each of whom will make an ongoing contribution to our mission by writing a regular column for SAPIENS.

We are looking for talented writers from all fields of anthropology, from linguistics and paleoanthropology to biological anthropology and archaeology. Successful candidates will be full of ideas, keen to write for the general public on the latest developments in their fields of expertise and on current events, and able to produce roughly one article (around 800-1,000 words) per month. Columnists must be willing and eager to work closely with our editors—often through multiple rounds of revision—to develop pieces that not only resonate with our nonspecialist audience but also achieve editorial excellence. A modest honorarium will be provided per post for your time, effort, and expertise.

If you can meet these criteria and are interested in writing a column for SAPIENS, we’d love to hear from you. Please send a short description of your column idea (no more than 300 words), a suggested name for your column, and one sample post to editor@sapiens.org by August 1."