Call for Papers: Collections, Collectors and Practices of Representation Special Issue, The Brazilian Journal Sociedade e Cultura

Deadline for submissions: 5 November 2017

The Brazilian Journal Sociedade e Cultura invites potential articles for the special issue: Collections, Collectors and Practices of Representation

Editors: Manuel Ferreira Lima Filho (Universidade Federal de Goiás) e Edmundo Pereira (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro/Museu Nacional).

The journal SOCIEDADE E CULTURA publishes the call for articles for the thematic dossier "Collections, Collectors and Practices of Representation", organized by Manuel Ferreira Lima Filho (Federal University of Goiás) and Edmundo Pereira (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro / National Museum). The publication is scheduled for v.21, n.1, 2018). Articles written in Portuguese, English or Spanish will be accepted in accordance with the journal's rules (available, and regarding the topic proposed by the editors, as follows:
The organization of the “Collection, Collectors and Practices of Representation” dossier has as a conceptual subsidy the fact that the generation and administration of 'collections' have been organized in practices linked to multiple projects: disciplinary, development and autonomization of scientific and artistic fields; of power and governability, of invention and audio-visual administration of the nation and the empire. In this context, a set of ethnographic and analytical concerns have been defined, in particular, in the acts of collecting, in the debate about the formation of archives (Museums, Libraries, Herbariums, Zoological and Botanical Gardens); the distinctive organization of the Sciences and the Arts; and, recently, the generation of counter-representations by groups historically represented in regimes of subalternization (indexed in referents as 'primitive', 'traditional', 'folkloric'). These investments, focused on complex symbolic economies, highlight the relationship between researchers and interlocutors in the objectification of 'cultural' and 'natural' diversity (from catalogs of herbal plants and herbs, to collections of objects, and collections of poems, songs and melodies) with the aid of multiple audiovisual technologies for mediation of observation and experience.

In this way, the dossier will focus on articles that give ethnographic attention to collecting processes related to: the critical reflection-synthesis of epistemes from different historical periods and the role of social and natural sciences in national and imperial scenarios; the resumption of 'objects' and 'materialities' in the thematic scenarios of science and the arts; revisions of museum processes related to the organization of collections, technical reserves and modes of exhibition.

Papers may be submitted in Portuguese, English or Spanish. Please use the reference guide (…) when preparing your manuscript.

The contributions should be sent directly to the organizers:
Submission deadline: November 5, 2017