Quapaw tribe continues repatriation efforts of cultural items

The Joplin Globe
July 16, 2017

"Numerous historic artifacts now reside behind locked glass display cases in the Quapaw Tribal Museum.

Varying in size, color and material, the objects must be stored where temperature and humidity can be controlled and handled gently and with gloves. Some pieces date back hundreds of years; the oldest pot in the museum is close to a thousand years old.

Each piece, like the vessels made out of clay that feature representations of animals and people, tells part of the tribe's story and connects today's tribal members with their ancestors.

“We’ve got hundreds of pieces all over the United States,” said Everett Bandy, tribal historic preservation officer. “There are a wide range of pottery types like pots, jars and bottles.

“There have been entire books on what these different bottles and jars are used for, what the designs may have meant,” he added. “There have been a lot of people who have written dissertations and complex research trying to piece together what they think, but in a nutshell, no one is exactly or entirely sure.""

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