Survey: Collections Consultations and Traditional Care in Museums

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Introduction to the Survey:
This survey is being conducted by me, Jen Shannon (Curator at University of Colorado - Boulder), in collaboration with the Collections Department at the National Museum of the American Indian. We are interested in learning more about practices of documenting collections consultations and traditional care in museum collections work with Native Peoples.  Your responses will be compiled into a document that assesses contemporary practices and policies in museums and the benefits and challenges to engaging in these forms of collections care.  Your responses will contribute to NMAI's discussions regarding its collections care policies and procedures.
For this survey, "Collections Consultations" in museums are when individuals or groups of Native Peoples (Native Americans, First Nations, Indigenous Peoples) visit collections in museums for various purposes which may include: spending time with items from their community; providing knowledge and care instructions to the museum; locating and seeking information about what particular items a museum might house; learning about the collections and their techniques and designs for engaging in cultural revitalization or creating contemporary art; and/or preparing for repatriation claims.
"Traditional Care" is a phrase commonly used in museums to indicate when staff receive guidance from, and then integrate, Native Peoples' instructions on how to appropriately care for items from their community that are housed in the museum. Traditional care often guides how collections are housed, handled, and displayed, and also may include restrictions regarding access or display. 
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