Position Announcement: NAGPRA Liaison and Associate Curator of Archaeology, History Colorado

History Colorado is seeking a full time professional NAGPRA Liaison and Associate Curator of Archaeology and Ethnography to insure and coordinate institutional compliance with the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) and as Associate Curator of Ethnography and Archaeology.
The NAGPRA liaison component responsibilities are: 
To plan and lead tribal consultations, to provide information to tribes about History Colorado collections, work with the Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs, the Southern Ute Indian Tribe and the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe on NAGPRA partnership efforts, and coordinate efforts of the History Colorado NAGPRA team.
The Associate Curator component responsibilities are:
 (1) to manage the Ethnography and Archaeology collection as part of the History Colorado Collection by defining an optimum collection, assessing the needs of the collection, assess incoming donations, making the final determination regarding additions to the collection and deaccessions, and processing and providing care of the collection and associated documentation; (2) to interpret and make the collection and its intellectual content available to patrons (both internally and externally); (3) to inform or guide other staff regarding the interpretation and use of artifacts in the collection; (4) to assume responsibility for departmental affairs including the supervision of contact staff, volunteers and interns, project management, reports, budgets and budget expenditures, and reviews and participates in division and organizational strategic planning; (5) serve as a primary curatorial contact for History Colorado's community museum (Ute Indian Museum); (6) promote the goals and mission of History Colorado through cultivating and sustaining relationships with community groups interested in specific collection holdings, exhibits and/or activities and; (7) working with the Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation to facilitate and support the curation of state owned collections as appropriate.

  • Working with the Commission of Indian Affairs (CCIA) Executive Secretary and History Colorado (HC) staff to complete outstanding grants.

  • Obtaining NAGPRA grants.

  • Managing the department and NAGPRA budgets (operating and grants).

  • Coordinating implementation of the HC/CCIA "Process for Consultation, Transfer, and Reburial of Culturally Unidentifiable Native American Human Remains and Associated Funerary Objects Originating from Inadvertent Discoveries on Colorado State and Private Lands".

  • Responding to requests for information by American Indian tribes about HC collections.

  • Leading efforts to process and facilitate repatriation claims under NAGPRA.

  • Researching HC collections as necessary under NAGPRA.

  • Coordinating tribal consultations and publishing Federal Register notices, and assisting the State Archaeologist on transfers of human remains and funerary objects.

  • Overseeing the care of human remains and associated funerary objects in the HC collection.

  • Chairing the HC NAGPRA Team.

  • Serving as the HC representative on the Colorado Lands for Repatriation and Reburial Workgroup.

  • Promoting the mission and goals of History Colorado through cultivating and sustaining relationships with community groups, colleague institutions, partner organizations, educators, and researchers.

  • Participating in the exhibit development process by serving as the lead exhibit developer (developing content, drafting labels, writing articles, consulting on design decisions, developing and participating in programs) for upcoming History Colorado exhibits utilizing the Archaeology and Ethnography holdings.

  • Working to build a meaningful collection for the 21st century through the pursuit of a purpose-driven acquisition and deaccessioning program tied to institutional vision and goals and the development and implementation of an updated collection plan in collaboration with other curatorial departments.

  • Working with History Colorado philanthropy staff on incoming and potential financial donations.

  • Identifying, cultivating and meeting with donors of Archaeology and Ethnography collections.

  • Exercising judgment about the long-term historical value of materials already in the collection and those being offered.

  • Overseeing, managing, acquiring, researching, and interpreting Archaeology and Ethnography material as part of the larger History Colorado Collection.

  • Improving physical and intellectual control of and access to collection resources through processing and documentation in coordination with Collections Management and Registration.

  • Processing, cataloging, arranging and description of collections.

  • Assisting with the long term preservation planning of History Colorado Archaeology and Ethnography holdings.

  • Identifying materials needing conservation and digital photo documenting.

  • Using a variety of approaches to outreach including public presentations, education programs, scholarship, social media, responding to patron and scholarly inquiries, and collaboration with other departments and divisions to realize the collection's full potential as an interpretive and educational tool and a resource for understanding Colorado history.

  • Supervising volunteers and interns.

  • Performing other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications, Substitutions, Conditions of Employment & Appeal Rights
Master's degree in Anthropology, History, Museum Studies, Art History or other relevant graduate degree with significant experience in the museum field and a minimum of two years of experience implementing NAGPRA for tribes, museums or agencies.  In addition, knowledge of western American Indian history, cross-cultural sensitivity, knowledge of American Indian cultures, and a thorough understanding of museum ethics and best practices. This position also requires the ability to travel independently throughout the state, including overnight stays. 

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