Survey: Association of Tribal Libraries, Archives, and Museums

From The Association of Tribal Libraries, Archives, and Museums:

***Deadline to respond to the survey is FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7.  All Native communities need to respond to this 10-minute survey. Help us help you.***

Preliminary responses to the Cultural Facilities in Native Communities:  Present & Future Survey are revealing a serious need for new or improved facilities.  To date, Native communities are reporting that only 15% of archival facilities are adequate, followed by 30% for libraries, 26% for museums, and 18% for cultural centers. 

Forty-nine percent of reporting communities indicate they need new facilities but have not started the process, 13% are in the planning process but have not broken ground, and 8% have new facilities under construction.

Once the survey closes, updated results will be included in a Needs Assessment Report, along with recommended actions.

All Native communities should be heard. If you are receiving this survey and do not represent a Native community, please share it with those you know and encourage their participation.

Responses are due by Friday, December 7, 2018. TAKE THE SURVEY

Thank you for your continued support.