2019 CMA Student Travel Awardees

CMA is most pleased to announce this year's two CMA Student Travel Awards:

Haley Bryant

PhD Candidate, University of Toronto 

AAA Presentation: Roundtable on “Virtual Realities: Worldbuilding beyond the Ethnographic Frame.” Haley will also chair the roundtable on The Politics and Stewardship of Collections Data in a Digital Climate”

Elizabeth Kozlowski

PhD Candidate, Tulane University

AAA Presentation: “Object[ified] Identity” to be presented in the session Elizabeth organized entitled “Race, Representation and Migration”

Congratulations Haley and Elizabeth!!

All CMA awards will be presented at the CMA reception on Friday 22 November at the AAA meetings in Vancouver. The reception will be at the Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art, 639 Hornby Street. Come and celebrate!