Early-stage Researcher Award: Université de la Polynésie Française- Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique TAHITI, Campus d’Outumaoro

A call for proposals is open to French or foreign junior researchers under 35, currently completing a postgraduate degree, a PhD or postdoctoral research.

Research may be carried out in any area of the Human and Social Sciences.

This award aims at providing junior researchers with the opportunity to carry out a study or a preliminary investigation in French Polynesia.


Four fellowships will be available. With a maximum amount of 5000 €, they will cover accommodation and travel expenses (round trip to French Polynesia).


The fellowship will be directly managed by the MSH-P.

A letter of recommendation from the PhD or postdoctoral supervisor should ideally be sent in support of the application.

Suitable candidates will be selected by the members of the Scientific Committee of the MSH-P.

Successful candidates will have to complete their projects within 12 months following the notification of award of the fellowship.

They will be required to submit a preliminary report within 1 month after the end of their fieldwork, and a final report no later than 1 year afterwards, accompanied by a draft publication in a well-regarded international journal.

Reports and publications will include the name of the MSH-P award.

Once the selection of candidates has been made, their names and research topics will be communicated to the press. The MSH-P will also be able to organize any media event in relation to these fellowships.  

Elements of the application file

Required information

- Surname:

- First name:

- Date and place of birth:

- Place of residence: 


- Diplomas: 

- PhD/postdoc supervisor: 

Project description (maximum 2 pages) 

Project schedule 

Work plan  

Potential scientific correspondents in French Polynesia


 - Call launch: October 15, 2019

 - Deadline for submission:  November 15, 2019

 - Results: December, 2020

- Program begins: January 2020

Contact : Pr Eric CONTE,  direction-mshp@upf.pf