Request for Proposals: Western Museums Association

The deadline for 2020 Proposals is Friday, November 22, 2019

The WMA's Annual Meeting provides museum professionals an opportunity to exchange ideas and best practices, network with colleagues, and learn from one another by attending valuable sessions. Diverse presentations are a key component to the success of the Annual Meeting, and are important in creating a meaningful and content-rich experience for all museum professionals who attended. With this being said, you can help strengthen the WMA Community with a session or workshop proposal for our 2020 Annual Meeting.

WMA 2020 will be held in Portland, Oregon on October 8-11 in partnership with the Oregon Museums Association. The 2020 Program promises to provide a multitude of perspectives representative of today’s museum landscape, and continue the WMA’s rich tradition of provocative programming and educational opportunities. With the theme of FORWARD, WMA 2020 will focus on the ways museums can be adaptable, FORWARD-thinking institutions.

What does it mean for a museum to be forward-thinking? What will the museum field look like in years to come? As a collective field capable of inspiring social, cultural, political, environmental, and technological change, the 2020 Annual Meeting, FORWARD, will dig into how museums can foster on-going conversations, inspire forward-thinking ideas, and empower future generations for the betterment of the museum field and our global society.

Museums reflect the notion of forward-thinking by:

  • Refining mission statements and values

  • Embracing diversity, equity, inclusivity, and accessibility

  • Acting as agents of social change / social justice / activism

  • Finding new methods of preserving collections

  • Going Green

  • Incorporating new digital technologies into exhibtions and programming

  • Joining into unconventional and innovative partnerships

  • Creating positive and caring work environments for all museum staff, and boards

If you'd like to submit a session or workshop proposal, please take a look at last year's 2019 Sessions or past programs to get inspired. If you attended WMA's 2019 Annual Meeting and had an exciting conversation or unique learning experience, you are encouraged to build off of the momentum of those ideas for a 2020 session topic!

If you already have a session proposal idea and are looking for feedback, or are searching for panelists, please use our 2020 Annual Meeting Discussion Thread. This thread is designed to connect potential presenters with one another, facilitate discussion, and make the process of desiging your proposal a lot easier.