Internship Opportunity: Latinx Political History Internship, National Museum of American History

The The Division of Political and Military History works to document Latinos’ political impact on mainstream democratic practices.  Building upon the strengths of the National Museum of American History’s Political History Collections, the Initiative focuses on innovative political organizing strategies developed and employed by undocumented youth to affected national policy.  Much like antislavery advocates, women’s suffragists, and Civil Rights workers, undocumented Americans have influenced government policy without the right to vote. Through interviews, community based collecting, and oral histories, the division seeks to listen, synthesize, and record how Latinos impact democratic practices. Questions we consider include: How have Latinos impacted American political practice?  How have Latinos challenged and transformed American understandings of rights and democracy throughout our history? How are these politics practiced today?  How have at-risk undocumented Americans formed a powerful national coalition?  How did such an unprecedented movement emerge?  How have these movements built upon a cultural citizenship to push for human rights?  How are these actions transforming American understanding of citizenship?

Goal: Overall, this internship aims to create a collaborative learning experience to build a Latinx political history collection and share it with a national audience.