Seeking CMA members interested in participating in an AAA panel in Vancouver, November 2019

Indigenous Material culture, Ecological Knowledge, and Climate Change 

Papers and discussants are sought for a proposed panel linking the material culture of Indigenous North or South Americans with traditional ecological knowledge and the impact of climate change.  The underlying indigenous cosmology will form the basis of understanding the linkages.  The objects of study could include utilitarian goods, clothing, and artworks made from any material, and can reflect collections research, field research, or exhibitions and programming.  Papers related to indigenous peoples from other geographic regions may be considered.

Up to five papers, each related to a different American Indian group would form the panel, together with up to two discussants.  Please indicate which type of submission you would make.

The panel proposal needs to be submitted prior to 5 April 2019.  Deadline for AAA portal submission is 10 April 2019.  Please indicate your interest prior to 5 March 2019 to dianamarks77 [@]