Seeking roundtable participants for a session titled: "Collaboration as Collections Stewardship"  

Collections stewardship generated through community collaborations operates in many directions. Not only do objects serve and re-serve source communities in both traditional and innovative ways, but objects receive vital attention they may otherwise not receive including: attention to conservation needs, attention to re-housing needs, cataloging and re-cataloging, editing of and addition to catalog information, and further contextualization. Through these collaborations, collections are also generally brought to the attention of stakeholders beyond the project such as: collections managers, curators, education specialists, fundraisers, etc. The participants in this round table each in some way contribute to a collections-focused community collaboration within a cultural heritage institution and will be discussing the benefits not only for the community and the the institution, but also for the collections and how these efforts are not, and cannot be, considered mutually exclusive.

The 2019 CMA meeting is taking place in Santa Fe, NM from September 19-21st.

If interested, please reach out to Haley Bryant, by Wednesday, May 29th.