1300 Year-old Quran Stolen from National Museum

Yemen Times Rammah Al-Jubari, October 29, 2013  
ANA’A, Oct. 28—The Yemeni Parliament’s Culture, Media and Tourism Committee has called for an investigation of the General Authority of Tourism, Antiquities and Museums (GATAM)—part of the Ministry of Culture—after the theft of Qurans and antique swords from the National Museum in mid-October.

The theft of Yemeni antiquities is a theft of Yemeni identity and history, said GATAM head Abdu Al-Hudaifi.

The stolen Quran manuscripts are rare, with one dating back 1,300 years, Al-Hudaifi said. The final revelation of the Quran to the Prophet Mohammed was in 632 A.D.—according to Islamic belief, 1,381 years ago.
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