British Museum on High Terror Alert to Protect Priceless Antiquities from ISIS Fanatics

Express, UK
July 2, 2015

Neil MacGregor, the museums outgoing director, revealed he is considering "all eventualities" due to the "range of threats" in the past two years.

Treasures which may be considered as idolatrous by lunatic ISIS fanatics must be protected, he added.

The revelation comes as museum workers at Louvre in Paris expressed their concerns that the iconic French gallery might also be targeted by "cultural terrorists" in copy-cat style attacks.

Phillippe Marquis, a curator at the museum, said he agreed Western museums were at high risk.

He said: "We are now in a new world. We need to have long lasting policies and strategies in order to cope with these problems."

Mr MacGregor, who announced his resignation in April, said the museum had not increased security since the reported ransacking of ruins, but it was constantly reviewing how it could best secure its antiquities in London and around the world.