artNET: The Museum of Selfies Is Coming to Los Angeles, Whether You Like It or Not

"The latest sign of the continuing decline of Western civilization just might be the Museum of Selfies. Scheduled to touch down in Los Angeles for a limited run this spring, it’s the latest in a growing line of interactive exhibitions designed for maximum social media impact, à la the controversial Museum of Ice Cream.


“It’s just not a museum OF selfies, it’s also a museum ABOUT them,” enthuses the institution’s website, which acknowledges the love/hate relationship many of us have with the increasingly ubiquitous selfie. Founders Tair Mamedov and Tommy Honton are the two “responsible/to blame” for the burgeoning museum phenomena, according to the site.

A series of exhibitions promises to explore the selfie through the lenses of history, art, science, and culture, presenting a history of portraiture from prehistoric cave art to the first modern selfie. (Paris Hilton recently took credit for inventing the selfie with Britney Spears, but that claim was proven false). From Vincent van Gogh and the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna to Kim Kardashian, the museum claims to uncover the origins of the art form as we know it today.

“The relationship between people and art has changed,” Honton told Mashable. “Now people don’t want to just be a silent consumer, they want to be a part of the art. There are many more selfies with the Mona Lisa than actual Mona Lisas.”"

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