High Museum’s latest exhibition, “With Drawn Arms,” speaks to #TakeAKnee and #BlackLivesMatter

Atlanta Magazine, October 1, 2018


“Stepping off of the elevator onto the second floor of the High Museum of Art’s Ann Cox Chamber Wing, nearly 150 gold-painted arms raised with the Black Power fist are suspended in the air. Connected by cables, they form a shape that looks like a mix of Newton’s Cradle and a helix of DNA. The piece by Los Angeles-based conceptual artist Glenn Kaino is called “Bridge,” and was the artist’s first collaboration with Olympic gold medalist Tommie Smith. On October 16, 1968, Smith, along with bronze medalist John Carlos, made headlines when he raised his fist in solidarity with the civil rights movement at the medal ceremony for the 200-meter race during the Summer Olympics in Mexico City. “Bridge” is meant to convey the same message as Smith’s protest 50 years ago—to unite all people in the fight for equity and human rights.”

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