CFP: Decolonization and Restitution, Volkskunde

The journal Volkskunde will publish a new special issue in 2019 on Decolonisation and Restitution. It will consider (1) the changing relationships in the global village (shifting inequalities; migration; refugees; new ethical insights); (2) the current general discussions about decolonization and slavery and more specific discussions within the museum world in Scandinavia, Germany, France, the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands and other nations about disputed colonial objects, as well as insights into the objects’ origins (which were shipped to Europe without the consent of, or compensation for, the former owners during the colonial period), (3) the discussions mentioned under (2) in former colonies, source countries and source communities, including Congo, Indonesia, Morocco, China, Ethiopia, Benin… (4) the varied approaches to decolonizing museums, ranging from co-curatorship, digital repatriation, video presentations and 3D copying of artefacts to full repatriation, (5) the complex ethical and legal issues involved in restitution, (6) the role of cultural brokers as mediators facilitating intercultural contacts. The editors propose a discussion about the future of these objects and about the decolonization of collections. 

The editors -- Kathleen M. Adams, Jos van Beurden, Hugo De Block and Paul Catteeuw -- are seeking general contributions and case studies that address different aspects (including the pros and cons) of the decolonization of colonial collections, showing how collections were once acquired, and how collecting institutes and museums are dealing with these issues at present. Send abstracts (300 words maximum) to before 1 October 2018; send articles to before 1 March 2019. Guidelines: Publication date: December 2019.