Call for Participants: Museums of the Vernacular as Porous Sites for Community Collaboration, “Museums Different,” the Second Biennial Conference of the Council for Museum Anthropology  

How do museums with vernacular collections offer opportunities for visitors and communities to collaborate in “making sense” of their exhibitions? How do these spaces establish “connection points” through an array of the potentially mundane? (The “Oh, I have one of those, or my parents did” moments where barriers between museum practice and the visiting community may become productively porous.)

Vernacular museums sometimes emphasize non-heroic exhibition design (rather than a single object indicating an unseen array, a multitude of similar objects are shown). This further offers the museum as a collaborative, “sense-making” space because it is an approachable space.


John Bodinger de Uriarte

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Susquehanna University

Those interested in participating can contact me through my email address: